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A beginner-friendly toolkit to retouch your images easily


Zoner Photo Studio is a photo editor destined to those people who love the photography or editing and retouching images. With this software, you can feel free to enhance your personal images according to your preferences or needs, and you will have a quite professional and sophisticated result. This toolkit stands out for being one of the first editing programs which allows you to work touching directly your computer screen as if you were using it in your smartphone, thanks to its Touch Control function. Then, you will be able to edit, show, share, zoom in and out or find any image faster and more comfortable than before.

In similar beginner-friendly programs, you could think that the interface is quite user-friendly but this download is even more. The main reason is that you won’t have several pull-down bars and the options available inside them, which make it difficult to learn how to use it, as Picasa. You will see every possibility, option and feature from the beginning in the one-click Quick Edits pane. It takes place on the right side and it contains easy-to-use sliders, which will save your time.

In this beginner-friendly version, you will be able to create your own virtual map with your pictures. You just have to click on any photograph and drag it to a map. Then, Zoner Photo Studio will create automatically a ‘Geotag’ (or geotagging) saying where that photo was taken. Afterwards, you will be able to share them in your social networks such as Facebook. In conclusion, it is a simple software which will let you work retouching and editing your photos from the moment you download it, but this toolkit could be a bit simple if you are looking for something more advanced as Photoshop.

You won
You won't have multiple pull-down bars; it has a very clear interface

More new technical integrations

As any other beginner-friendly photo editor, you could simply enhance your photos or take advantage of all its features in a more technical way if you want to fully dedicate yourself to photography. Zoner Photo Studio allows moving your files from the card or the camera without having to copy them and includes an enhanced detention of the photos that are already-downloaded.

Zoner Photo Studio allows moving your files from the card or the camera without having to copy them

You will have four different manager modes; Preview, Browser, Compare and Map. Viewer lets you check any detail quickly while ‘Map’ offers you the possibility of tagging your photos with the Geotag (or geotagging) mentioned above (users tend to mix those concepts). If you usually work with RAW+JPEG files, you can group them in pairs. Besides, if you want to look for any picture, you can do it easier with its keywords system, its folder and background synchronization and the display options of the catalog Zonerama (last 7 days or last 30 days as in other programs).

This photo editor also includes several improvements and new characteristics related to the editing filters and editor in general, such as the new Content-aware Resizing option. It will allow you to resize your images without having to use an external website or program. As other similar toolkit, you will be able to place text and images (new options according to watermarking), quick filters, place shape tool and, of course, the Filmstrip which offers you a quite easy navigation within your folders in Zonerama.

It has incorporate new features in terms of editing filters
It has incorporate new features in terms of editing filters

Zoner Photo Studio 16 Features

Zoner Photo Studio includes the following features:

  • Touch Control characteristic which allows you to move faster than before
  • Tagging option to add Geotag (or geotagging) in your photos
  • Share your photos automatically on Facebook with other photography lovers
  • Import your images directly from a card or a camera
  • Four manager modes available: Preview, Browser, Map and Compare
  • Group your RAW+JPEG files in pairs
  • New display options in the catalog
  • Folder and background synchronization
  • New Content-aware Resizing option
  • Filmstrip to navigate throughout your folders
  • New watermarking options
  • Support for iptc, EXIF, and XMP
  • Zonerama photo gallery included

If you want to read more about this beginner-friendly software, feel free to do it at the developer’s website here

System requirements

If you want to download Zoner Photo Studio, we recommend you to read its system requirements firstly:

  • Operating System: Windows XP Service Pack 2 or higher
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 or upper
  • RAM Memory: 1GB
  • HDD: 350 MB of free space
  • 1024x768 resolution
  • DirectX 9

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